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About the Lists:

All are up-to-date.
All have current Addresses and Phone numbers.
Nearly all are within the U.S. market.
Most include the appropriate contact names.
Many stores include favorite distributors & some list websites.
Endorsed by Suzi Hare, organizer of INATS: Intl New Age Trade Show.

"I was so happy to finally find a great list of New Age stores that would be open to carrying my book. It feels great to know that my book is getting out there now for people to buy -- the lists are definitely worth every penny." --Barbara S., author and teacher

I. Retailers Lists: (Lists of Stores & Shops)

We offer several lists in easy-to-access Excel format of New Age Retailers, so you can target the right New Age stores and Metaphysical shops for submitting your CD, book, or other sideline or product. These affordable lists will save you time and money and help you achieve a very successful retail-promotion campaign. You would spend months of your time and hundreds of dollars trying to pull a list together yourself. And, best of all, we guarantee our lists are up-to-date. They are among the "top" because they are typcially the larger, more established stores carrying a broad range of products, and they are usually reachable.

Guarantee: These lists are the best and most accurate you'll find anywhere. Every year we update these lists by hiring phone staff to make the lists perfectly clean. New Vision uses the lists to promote our products, too, so we have a vested interest in their integrity.

List #1: Top-110 New Age Retailers . . . . . regularly $160, Now - only $99.00, (Order Today -- Most Lists on Sale for a limited time!)
In Excel format, these are the 110 top-selling New Age Retailers that sell New Age & Metaphysical products. These include the store's name, address, phone number, and the name of the store's buyer. No emails included.

List #2: Top-200 New Age Retailers . . . . . regularly $230, Now - only $175.00
In Excel format, these are the 200 top-selling New Age Retailers that sell New Age & Metaphysical products.

List #3: Top-350 New Age Retailers . . . . . regularly $350, Now - only $245.00
In Excel format, these are the 360 top-selling New Age Retailers that sell New Age & Metaphysical products.

List #3B: Top-325 New Age Bookstore Retailers for AUTHORS . . . . . regularly $299, Now - only $219.00
In Excel format, these are the 325 top-selling New Age Bookstore Retailers that sell New Age & Metaphysical books and other products. While 95% of the stores in the above lists sell books, all of the stores in this list sell books and nearly all of these stores say "books" or "bookstore" in the name of the store, so you know that books are their primary product. The best, cleanest list an author can get.

List #3C: NEW! 420 Retailers emails list. . . . regularly $325, Now - only $299.00
In Excel format, these are 420 emails of some of the best New Age retailers. There is only about 25-percent duplication with the largest retailers list above because emails of retailers are not easy to obtain -- so we had to search far and wide to fine these. All include the name of the store and about half include the name of the buyer! This is a rare list that took us 5 months to create. No where can you get a list like this. Compare this to New Leaf which charges $100 every time they send out an e-Newsletter with your ad. With our list, you can use it all you want for this price, so our list is a great value.

Consumer Alert: One company in this market sells a large retailers list that is over 80% outdated and over 10 years old. We know because we've seen their list and it is the exact same list that comes from a trade book that is 10 years old! Don't spend hundreds of dollars wasted on postage and materials sent to stores that no longer exist. Please spend wisely -- order from us. WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED!

II. New Age Radio Stations/Radio Programs Lists: (in Word format)

List #4A: Top-100 New Age "Music" Radio Stations list. . . . . . $229.00

Excel format: This list is for promoting your music for airplay -- includes the show name, host name, address & station phone number.
For full-service Radio Promotion for your music CD, please visit
This service offers two low-cost promotion packages for your New Age, World, or Ambient music CD.

List #4B: Top-125 New Age "Talk" Radio Programs/Stations list . . . . . $159.00 (Brand New List!)

Use this list for generating interviews! In Excel format. Effectively promote your New Age book, teachings, seminars, products, etc. from your phone in the comfort of your own home. Getting interview slots can often be as easy as just "asking". List includes show and station name, host name, and email -- no physical addresses (but you shouldn't need those).

III. New Age Distributors lists

List #5A: Top New Age Distributors list . . . . regularly $49, Now - only $29.00
In Word or PDF Format, these are the top-10 New Age Music Distributors in the U.S, some of which sell books and other products, too. Many companies claim to be partial distributors, but these are the true music distributors in this market -- the bigger ones with large catalogs that sell thousands of titles directly to stores (retailers).

List #5B: NEW! Top Mainstream Distributors list . . . regularly $59, Now - only $39.00
In Word PDF Format, these are the top-10 Mainstream Distributors, nearly all of which sell New Age music among their catalogs and many sell books, DVDs and other products, too. FYI: Mainstream distributors are used by Borders, Barnes and Nobles, Best Buy, Hastings, Tower Records, more.

List #5C: NEW! Top-5 International New Age Distributors list . . . regularly $59, Now - only $39.00
In Word Format, these are the top-5 New Age Distributors outside the U.S. market, all of which sell music among their catalogs and many sell books, DVDs and other products, too. If you need the "New Leafs" of the Canadian market, European market, Australia market, UK market, etc. this list is for you. International distribution can broaden your scope and increase your sales.

IV. New Age Record Labels List

List #6: Top New Age Record Labels List . . . . . . regularly $59, Now - only $39.00
In Word Format, these are the top-30 New Age Record Labels that release New Age, Instrumental and World music CDs.

V. New Age Media and Publications list

List #7: Top New Age Media list . . . . . . regularly $175, Now - only $159.00
In Excel Format, these are over 200 top Media contacts, such as magazines and publications that cover news and information within the New Age/Metaphysical market. Many of these will gladly publish a review of your book or CD. Most include email addresses, too.

VI. New Age Market Bulk-Emails list

List #8A: New Age Market: Emails list . . . . . . regularly $175, Now - only $129.00
In text, tab-delimited Format, these are 6,500 various New Age industry emails of retailers, distributors, wholesalers, buyers, reviewers, and even a few customers, etc. These are properly pre-formatted so you can easily upload them into any email delivery system.

List #8B: New Age Market: Emails list . . . . . . regularly $300, Now - only $235.00
In text, comma-delimited Format, these are 19,000 various New Age Industry emails of retailers, distributors, wholesalers, buyers, and reviewers, etc. (Not a consumer list). These are properly pre-formatted so you can easily upload them into any email delivery system. This is a different list altogether from the above 8A list. Contact us first before buying this larger list.

VII: New Age Wholesalers list:

List #9: NEW! New Age Wholesalers email list . . . . . regularly $199, Now - only $149.00
In text, comma-delimited Format, these are 300 emails (some with names and many with the company name) of New Age wholesalers. These companies and individuals offer products and services within the New Age market. These wholesalers are eager to provide various stores, retailers, and on-line shops with their products at wholesale prices. They also are often eager to advertise their products and services with publications and other media outlets.

For wholesale music, visit or

"Quality lists are crucial for success, and when it comes to getting accurate lists in this industry, there really is no competition to New Age Databank. We are very satisfied with their services and we're glad to support them with our purchases." -- Michael M., musician

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Email us what you need and we'll try to work out a list that works for you.

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No, these lists are not to be resold, nor given away. Only you may use the lists you buy. All lists are seeded to notify us of unauthorized use. We hope you will see this as positive since these lists are not over-used.

Tell us more about your company, New Vision Promotion.

New Vision Promotion is a division of New Vision Music, which is based just outside of Austin, Texas, and has been in business since 1999. New Vision has performed radio and retail promotion for many artists and record labels, especially within the New Age, Instrumental/Acoustic, World genre. Our goal is to make directories within this genre more accessible and more affordable for the authors, artists, independent record labels and publishers, etc. looking for contact information necessary for their success.

We also offer other services in the New Age Market -- please see,,, and

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