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Kindred by Kevin Wood CD cover

Just-released album and Big seller from Kevin Wood.

"Fantastic CD. . . Magnificent!." -- Lloyd Barde (Backroads/Heartbeats)

Hear beautiful vocals from Celtic, Gaelic, Native American, Indian and Gregorian traditions seamlessly combined with modern grooves and ethereal arrangements to create a rich & spiritual listening experience.

Wholesale Price: $8.49 each. Free shipping on orders over $10.00.
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Sacred cover CD

"Sounds like Enigma meets Deep Forest. Soothing, Spiritual!" --KCSM radio

"It's excellent. I'm already taking advance orders. Wow!." --Michael, Earth Energies
"WINNER: Best New Age Album of the Year" -- COVR Awards

Gregorian Chant, Native Indian chants, and various world vocals are artfully woven with beautiful piano and string melodies and modern grooves to take you on a sacred and spiritual journey.

Wholesale Price: $8.25 each. Free shipping on orders over $10.00.


scenic listening CD cover

Rated #2 Instrumental Album of the Year -- Heartbeats/Backroads

"Fantastic! A wonderful blend of Enigma, Deep Forest, Yanni" --KCSM Radio

"Deeper & more spiritual than most anything else out there. " --Insite Mag

Wholesale Price: $7.99 each. Free shipping on orders over $10.00.


Produced by Will Ackerman, this CD is one of the best solo piano albums this year.

#12 Album on NAV Top-100 Radio Chart

"The Voice is a very soothing a beautiful CD that can take you to a peaceful and gentle place and give a sense of renewal. Recommended!" --Solo Piano Publications

Wholesale Price: $9.49 each. Free shipping on orders over $10.00.
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A top retail seller in the U.S.-- One of the most beautiful voices of our time.

Top-15 artist on NAV Top-100 Radio Chart

"its life-force brimming tones are sweet and powerful and her pure devotional artistry rises even higher than Prem. -- East West Bookshop

Wholesale Price: $9.99 each. Free shipping on orders over $10.00.



Perfect for Relaxation and Meditation. An hour's worth of some of the best relaxation music ever recorded. No drums or percussion.

Top Perfromer on New Age Radio.

"Designed to enhance the experience of a relaxing massage, and will help rejuvinate mind, body, and soul. At Mountain Sun Massage & Spa we have been using Mike's music for massage therapy for over a year and our clients love it!" -- Lisa Cole, Owner of Mountain Sun Massage.

Wholesale Price: $8.99 each. Free shipping on orders over $10.00.
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Harpist Lynda Cole and renowned flutist Jan Michael Looking Wolf create a stunning album of pure relaxation bliss. A 2008 Finalist in the Independent Music Awards.

A peaceful journey through exquisitely varied music on silver flutes, Native American flutes, harp, guitar, hand drums, and a touch of gentle vocals.

Wholesale Price: $9.15 each. Free shipping on orders over $10.00.
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Good question! Often this music has been described as New Age music, relaxation music, soothing music, and healing music. Kevin's music has also been called spiritual music, instrumental music, worldbeat music, world fusion, music therapy, relaxing music, mood music. We prefer World fusion Music, Neo-classical music and New Age Music. Tell us what you think!

The New Age music genre now has a mulititude of sub-genres and related music genres: Some of them inlcude chill out music, global sounds, tribal music, Chant, music of the Healing Arts, electronica, Contemporary Instrumental, Reiki music, music for massage, yoga music, spa music, piano solo music, music for meditation, music for relaxation, stress relief music, stress therapy music, audio therapy, calming music, healing sounds, mystic music, relaxing music for mind, body, and soul, and world music.
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