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"In writing SACRED, I've made peace with a very personal truth -- I believe music is the most sacred expression of emotion and imagination." - Kevin Wood

Kevin Wood, a 41-year old recording artist and producer who has sold over 50,000 of his New Age albums and over 100,000 nature sounds downloads, was raised in the Bible belt of the South, living both in Central Texas and near Nashville, TN. His mother was a school teacher in English and his father was a religion professor and ordained minister. Certainly seems like an odd upbringing for someone who has found a comfortable niche and much success within the New Age music industry.


"Iıve been searching for a deeper meaning in life and a deeper spiritual understanding. I believe this yearning is one of the reasons I have been so drawn to chants of Native Americans and to New Age/World music," Wood said.

Trained in classical piano and percussion since age 6, Wood was heavily influenced by conventionally structured music, a style that affected him and served him well within the New Age genre. "I agree with Steven Halpern when he wrote that most New Age music is 'based upon harmony and consonance, rather than dissonance,' and it is often based on conventional chord structures, helping make us feel in balance, at peace, and in harmony with the world," Wood said.

Woodıs newest and third release, KINDRED, which was debuted at the Deepak Chopra "Seduction of Spirit" meditation training in Austin, Texas, shows evidence of a strong World flavor that complements his conventional compositional style. For this album, chants from all over the globe are seamlessly woven with modern grooves and ethereal sounds. The stunningly beautiful cover of KINDRED is certain to win awards as his past titles have. The cover was recently chosen by Music Design, the largest U.S. New Age music distributor, as the cover for their 2008 full-line catalog. "I was really fortunate through a close friend to get connected with one of the best designers around, and they happened to live down the street. Now, she lives in Switzerland, but we are still able to pull off projects together," said Wood.

KINDRED follows SACRED, which earned Wood #2 "World Album of the Year" award from Backroads Music and "Best New Age Album" of the year by the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR). Woodıs writing for both albums has evolved toward the World genre as he has artistically matured, particularly influenced by visits to various Native American sites across the American Southwest. Wood has been honored with American Indians offering their voices and chants for his music projects. "Frankly, the more native chanting that was incorporated with my music projects, the more meaningful, interesting, and connected the songs became."

Wood's music has commonly been described as very spiritual in nature. "With 'SACRED,' by combining Gregorian chants and primarily Native American chants, I paired two different but equally spiritual styles of vocal prayer, resulting in a unique spiritual experience. I felt a 'calling' to develop these parallel devotions into a single seamless musical style. I believe they marry well." A good number of Wood's fans have written reviews of SACRED on Amazon and iTunes and have been really "taken aback", as one reviewer writes, by the beauty and the uniqueness of the music.

Wood has performed songs from "KINDRED," "SACRED," and his first album, "SCENIC LISTENNG," by staging musical performances that also featured his oldest brother, Karl Wood, world renowned as a fire dancer. The pairıs performance has been likened to fire shows performed by Cirque du Soleil, a popular international touring performance group. Wood has also been the feature performer at the Dallas and Austin, TX, Body, Mind, Spirit Expos for the last two years.

Wood owns and manages a record label and music promotion company, New Vision Music and New Vision Promotion which carries his own music and offers radio, retail, and consulting services for artists within the New Age/World fusion market. Wood, who is a graduate of Baylor University, married Jennifer Phillips of Temple, TX, in 2005, with his father officiating.

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