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When stimulation of the senses crosses over to evoke another sensation, it is called synesthesia.

Scenic Listening explores this phenomenon with tribal grooves, cross cultural influences, and soaring melodies.

Rich string harmonies and fluid piano conjure vivid images and lush mindscapes.

"SCENIC LISTENING by Kevin Wood is one of those rare CDs that instantly grabs one's attention and never lets go."-- PJ Birosik, writer for CDNOW, NAV, Nexus, more

"Scenic Listening has an engaging flow that keeps a warm smile in your heart and a gentle cheer in your store." --Dan Gassoway, Lifedance Distribution

"Wonderful . . .a lovely collection of melodies. . . we have been listening to this CD here at the TLC office all month and all of us comment with delight each time it plays. It is simultaneously upbeat and very soothing and peaceful." --The Light Connection

"Brilliant. . . Reminiscent of a stylistic cross between David Arkenstone and Enigma, this powerful instrumental release is very highly recommended to lovers of strongly melodic, New Age music." --Musical Soundscapes, by Robert Walmsley

"A family holiday for the ears. . . and just like any good vacation, each step leaves you satisfied, yet eager to reach the next destination on this unique travel itinerary." --Susan Dunman, WKMS Radio

"Wood effectively carries the listener to gentle, exotic places to ease the soul and stimulate the mind." --Sue Donahue, AUSTIN METRO ENTERTAINMENT

"SCENIC LISTENING is one of our best selling New Age albums. When we play his music in the store we always receive pleasant remarks." --Hastings Books, Music & Video: store #9826

"Sounds beautiful and instantly summons the sights and sounds of what is described. . . a soothing experience and a creative approach to music." --Concepts Magazine

"Musical imagery rich in feelings and intuition. The music swirls, looking for direction, falling back on beautiful melodies, to rise again, evoking visual panoramas of nature. The songs are playful expose's of Woods vivid imagination. . . Scenic Listening is a portrayal of an artist in search of his holy grail, leaving no stone unturned, Wood forges through the mists of Avalon, waiting, trusting, listening, seeing." --Chuck Diliberto, Awareness Magazine

Reviews for Sacred:
"With SACRED, Kevin Wood presents a stunning collage of multi-cultural chant samples, piano and synthesizers designed to capture the beauty of the world's spiritual traditions. Two particular cultures are highlighted on this release -- European Monastic life (Gregorian chant) and Native American chant. It may seem like an unusual pairing; but combined with Wood's ethereal soundscapes, the sound is reverential and soul-stirring. And it works! Surprisingly well, in fact. Most of the cuts range in mood from melancholy to dreamy and the whole album is very well produced and polished. Wood's sound here is reminiscent of groups like Lesium and Magna Canta, only the beats are toned down in favor of relaxing new age instrumentation." -- Music Design

"Kevin Wood's first CD, the excellent "Scenic Listening," certainly whetted out appetites for more. His melodic sensibilities, and the ability to blend a variety of styles into a cohesive whole, set him apart from the norm. Now he has taken his recipe even further and delivered a veritable buffet of gourmet listening. This time, the main ingredients are Native American voices, Gregorian chants, various world vocals and modern rhythms that approach the catchy sound of Enigma, Delerium, Deep Forest and Sacred Spirits, but without the pop gloss or heaviness that sometimes prevailed on these other famous projects. All instruments, composing and production are by Wood; he plays everything from Steinway grand piano to assorted keyboards, synthesizers and samplers. Joey Peterson plays fender bass. Kevin's artful mix of beautiful melodies, ancient voices and steady rhythms can easily transport you to a paradise-like place of wisdom, peace and sanctity, hence the fitting title of 'Sacred'." --Lloyd Barde, Backroads Music

"This album is melodic and reverent and quietly odd -- a combination that speaks to the part of me that sometimes seeks peace and respite from the relentless newness of our modern culture. It seems traditional and non-traditional in the same breath. We'll stock this one for the customer who is seeking comforting music with more presence and structure than some of the "background music" albums." -- The Odyssey, Lubbock, TX

CD Credits
Scenic Listening: All songs produced and composed by Kevin Wood. Recorded in Austin, TX. Engineered by Kevin Wood and Craig Robinson. Mastered by Micheal Stern.

©New Vision Music. All Rights Reserved. ©2002 All selections Scenic Listening Music (BMI). Previously under License to First Light Music.
Art Director, Lisa Garza. Cover and Layout Designer, Claudia Wennberg.
Photography, Tom Hollingshead and Bill Bastas.

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