Scenic Listening CD
scenic listening CD cover

1) Tribal Hymn (5mb full download)

2) Cathedral Echo (5mb sample)

3) Mountainside Psalm (6mb sample)

4) Continental Chant (2mb sample)

5) Cadent Waterfalls (1mb sample)

#2 Instrumental Album of 2003 --

#2 Song on Music Choice's Soundscapes (Dec.)

#4 Album on NAV Top-100 Radio Chart

"Fantastic! A wonderful blend of Enigma, Deep Forest and Yanni " --KCSM Radio

"Deeper and more spiritual than most anything else out there. " --Insite Magazine

"Divinely creative. .Seriously satisfying with each listen. .a favorite!" -Lloyd Barde (Backroads Music)

"Refreshing. . . moving! " --NAPRA ReView
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The Remaining tracks on Scenic Listening:

6) Forest Groove

7) Dancing Woodwinds

8) Harmonic Oasis

9) Bluebonnet Sonata

10) Tribal Hymn II


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